The Planning Session

The Photo Session

“Lights, camera, fun!” The second step is the Photo Session. Our primary goal is to create a fun, relaxing, and safe environment in which your pet can be them self, and for you to relax and enjoy while your pet is hamming it up for the camera. Often, Ninon will make the funniest noises you have ever heard while crawling around on the floor while Jeff becomes fast best friends with your pet----Anything to get that fabulous picture that you will love!

For the first few minutes, we will spend time getting reacquainted with your pet, allowing your pet to warm up to us, the camera, and the surroundings. Sessions last around two hours, but we will go at your pet’s pace and provide him with breaks as needed.

If your pet is not the best behaved, please do not stress! Most of the pets we have photographed are not, but our understanding of animal behavior combined with some quick camera skills allows us to anticipate your pet’s reactions and responses as we work with them to create that perfect image. Your pet will have so much fun enjoying all the attention, positive reinforcement, belly rubs, healthy treats and funny noises. At the end your pet is bound to be extra snuggly and sleepy, after all, being a model is a lot of work!

The Design and Ordering Consultation

Approximately two to three weeks after our session your proofs will be ready for viewing. We will meet for the Design and Ordering Consultation where we will reveal your painstakingly curated and enhanced images and assist you in choosing the perfect products to display your favorite images in your home. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide how to best display your images, together with our experience and the help of modern technological innovations we can build mockups of our various wall art designs so you can see what they will look like on your own walls. Your order is placed during this consultation and a 70% deposit is generally required.

The Delivery

Receive your fine art, unwrap and fall in love. Once your artwork arrives, we will inspect it to make sure it is perfect. Then we will personally deliver them to you. Finally seeing your pet printed on a large canvas or album is guaranteed to make you and your loved ones smile for years to come.